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Survey Says: October 2015: TV Guide: Helping Parents Talk With Teens

Survey Says: October 2015

Nearly nine out of 10 teens say that it would be much easier for them to postpone sex and avoid pregnancy if they were able to have more open, honest conversations about these topics with their parents. Teens crave these conversations with parents, even if they don’t always act like it. Parents know they need to talk with their teens about love, sex, and relationships; the hard part is getting started. Can TV shows help parents discuss these important topics with their teens, even if they aren’t watching TV together? New survey results of teen girls age 13-16 say yes.

Publication date: October 2015

Suggested Citation(s): The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. (2015). TV Guide: Helping Parents Talk With Teens. Washington, DC: Author

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