Fight for Women—Be Loud & Proud About Your Support for Birth Control: Here’s How

Fight for Women—Be Loud & Proud About Your Support for Birth Control

Birth control is popular. Almost all of us use it—nearly 99% of women who are sexually active have used it at one time or another in their lives. Furthermore, 80% of us think it should be a basic part of women’s health care and that there should be broad-based access to contraception.  In fact, access to contraception is supported by the majority of Republicans and Democrats alike.

The strange thing is that, despite our nationwide love for birth control, we aren’t talking about it! Having the power to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant is so important—not just to women, but to families, men and society. We need you to help us start the conversation about birth control with your friends, your health care providers, your colleagues, and your policymakers.

Now more than ever, this is urgent! Despite nearly universal support, in today’s political climate there is a great deal of debate in our country about birth control: who can get it, who will pay for it, and who should have it. More than 19 million women in the U.S. lack access to the full range of birth control methods—and policymakers are currently considering legislation that could make it even more difficult for many women to access the birth control that’s right for them. This is why we have to stand up and say #ThxBirthControl and work to not only celebrate all that contraception has made possible, but also fight to protect it.

Ready to get started? We’ve got you covered with 6 ways to get yourself, your friends and family, and your community involved in saying #ThxBirthControl.

1. Educate & Take Care of Yourself

2. Spread the Word!

  • Share your birth control story on our storytelling portal, or make a short YouTube video about what birth control has made possible for you and why affordable access to birth control matters.
  • Take these simple social media actions.
  • Talk to your friends—and put all of the great information to use. Encourage them to take care of their health and to advocate for the health of other women.

3. Talk to Your Health Care Provider

  • Make an appointment for your annual well-woman visit and talk to your health care provider about the best method of birth control for you (Don’t have a provider? We can help.)
  • Regardless of your needs, ask them if they offer the full range of methods. If not, ask them why not? What would they have done if they didn't have a method that was right for you/your needs.

4. Get Involved Locally

  • Become a trusted adult in your community (consider joining a group like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Boys & Girls Clubs, or an after school program).
  • Organize your family, friends, and other women to attend town halls, marches, or other gatherings in support of women’s right and reproductive health.
  • Hold a house party to educate your friends and acquaintances and get them activated. You can share letters, tweets, talking points—and maybe some wine.

5. Get Involved Politically

  • Get up close and personal with your representatives at the national, state, and local levels and tell them how you feel about birth control access. Let them know when you don’t approve of their position on an issue and thank them when they represent your views!
  • Attend (or help organize!) marches, rallies, fundraisers, and other gatherings in support of women’s health and birth control access.
  • Talk—in person, via phone/email/etc.— to policymakers (at the national, state, or local level) about birth control policies, access, and funding. Nervous about what to say or how to say it? Check out this video!
  • Participate in grassroots advocacy.
  • Run for office and let your Thanks, Birth Control voice be heard. (Organizations like She Should Run and VoteRunLead can help you get started.)

6. Join Us in Saying #ThxBirthControl


Publication date: July 2017