Can You Hear Me Now?: Evaluating Your Technical Assistance, Archived Resource

Can You Hear Me Now?

Please note: This resource has been archived. Although still of value, data or information contained within this resource may no longer be the most currently available. This publication summarizes research on sexual behavior and contraceptive use among young adolescents.

Many organizations have been providing technical assistance and training to encourage the adoption of science-based approaches to preventing teen pregnancy. While there is no "cookbook approach" to evaluating technical assistance, evaluation strategies are needed to document the adequacy of this approach. The purpose of this publication is to outline the strategies of technical assistance, the barriers to effective evaluation of this work, and to offer guidelines for improving our evaluations of technical assistance efforts.

Publication date: November 2009

Author(s): Susan Philliber, Mika'il DeVeaux

Suggested Citation(s): Philliber, S. & DeVeaux, M. (2009). Can You Hear Me Now? Evaluating Your Technical Assistance. Washington, DC: The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.