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Girl Talk: What High School Senior Girls Have to Say about Sex, Love, and Relationships

Girl Talk

In this National Campaign report, 12th grade girls provide insights about everything from advice to younger girls, to their regrets, to  what they really think about sex and relationships. 

Based on a new survey from the Campaign and Seventeen magazine, here’s just a bit of what they shared with us:

  • 76% of senior girls who have had sex say they would change something about their first time if they could re-do it.
  • 72% of senior girls say they have talked to their friends about contraception.
  • 68% of senior girls say they’ll still want to talk to their parents about sex, love, relationships, and pregnancy prevention in the future just as much as they did while in high school.
  • 43% of senior girls who have already had sex wish they’d waited longer.

Publication date: July 2012

Author(s): Amy Kramer

Suggested Citation(s): Kramer, A. (2012). Girl Talk: What High School Senior Girls Have to Say About Sex, Love, and Relationships. Washington, DC: The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

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