Cosmo: What Guys Really Think About Birth Control

June 22, 2016

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Over the past year, we worked with our friends at Cosmopolitan to survey men about their feelings about birth control. The survey revealed some very interesting findings on condom use, sex IQs, and male birth control methods. Some of the findings were funny, but some of them were downright scary!

Here are just a few statistics for you to think about:

  • 46% of men consider pulling out a good method of contraception.
  • 23% of men never worry about the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy.
  • 63% of men would not use birth control if it could result in weight gain or acne.
  • 49% of men wish they knew more about birth control.
  • 80% of men say wearing a condom is better than not having sex at all.

Read the full Cosmo article for more statistics and some great visual aids! 

Authored by: Paige Whipple

Paige is the Communications Coordinator at The National Campaign. She works with media partners in television and publishing to help them incorporate teen and unplanned pregnancy prevention messages into their work.

She came to The Campaign after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Towson University with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication and Journalism. Paige worked at Baltimore Style Magazine for two years, wrote a bi-weekly column for Towson’s newspaper, and was a contributor for an online magazine, The DC Ladies. She also runs social media accounts for several Baltimore-based businesses as a freelancer.

She shares her alma matter with Amy Schumer and Mike Rowe—not bad company to be in. 

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