Another Season, Another Reminder

“Oh my God, this is never-ending!” That’s what Chelsea says to her dad when she’s frustrated again about the continuing custody drama with Adam. And she is right.

Being a parent IS never-ending, and having a child with someone you’re no longer in love with and can’t communicate with productively, is not easy to say the least. And custody—who takes care of a child’s day-to-day needs and where that child actually lives—is not an easy thing to sort out.

The Teen Mom 2 kids are already five years old, which is a long time to be in a constant battle with someone you used to love over something as important and emotional as taking care of the child you have together. But there are still more than a dozen years left before these kids are adults themselves and from the looks of this episode, the custody fights are nowhere near settled.

Not only is Chelsea headed back to court over custody of Aubree, but Jenelle is serious about getting custody of Jace back from her mom, and Leah’s custody agreement with Corey for the twins is also in question. For now at least it seems like Kailyn and Jo are okay regarding Isaac’s custody and schedule, but the back-and-forth between homes is hard to manage because they live hours apart. 

All of which serves as a reminder that having a baby is an enormous responsibility. And when you become a parent as a teen, when so many other things in your life are unsettled (school, living arrangements, relationships, etc.), it is extraordinarily hard on everyone. Even after your teen years are over. 

Not that parenting is ever easy, and not that relationships are either, but waiting until you are older and your relationships are more committed, is a much better starting point for a family.

And that—the idea that parenting is better when you’re ready for a multitude of reasons—comes through loud and clear on this new season of MTV’s Teen Mom 2; watch new episodes on Thursdays at 10/9c. Feel out of the loop and want to know how things got to where they are now? Catch up on past seasons at  

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