Why Giving Matters

Why Your Gift Matters

Your donation to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy is a smart, sound, sensible investment in the well-being of America’s children, youth, and families. Here’s why:

  1. Your gift is good for children:
    The children of teen mothers often bear the greatest burden of teen pregnancy and childbearing, and are at significantly increased risk for a number of economic, social, and health problems. 

  2. Your gift is good for girls:
    Only 38% of teen girls who have a child before age 18 complete their high school education.

  3. Your gift saves money:
    Teen childbearing cost taxpayers nearly $10 billion in 2010 alone.  

  4. Your gift helps break the cycle:
    Children who are born to unwed teen parents are more likely to become unwed teen parents themselves. 

  5. Your gift will be used wisely:
    The National Campaign has been awarded Charity Navigator’s four star rating eight years in a row. Only 1% of charities can claim this honor.

  6. Your gift is needed now:
    For all the amazing progress we have made in reducing the rates of teen pregnancy and births, nearly 25% of girls in America still get pregnant before the age of 20.

Please don’t wait. Help improve the lives of women, children, youth, and families. Donate to The National Campaign today!