The Fog Zone: How Misperceptions, Magical Thinking, and Ambivalence Put Young Adults at Risk for Unplanned Pregnancy—Summary

The Fog Zone

This research is based on a nationally representative survey of 1,800 unmarried young adults age 18-29 and is the first of its kind to focus in depth on the attitudes and behavior of unmarried young adults—both men and women—regarding pregnancy planning, contraception, and related issues and provides helpful background about older teens and young adults to college faculty who work with many students in this age range. This document is a 10-page summary of the overall results of the Fog Zone research.

Publication date: December 2009

Author(s): Kelleen Kaye, Katherine Suellentrop, Corinna Sloup

Suggested Citation(s): Kaye, K., Suellentrop, K., & Sloup, C. (2009). The Fog Zone: Summary.