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Everyone Loves Birth Control 

Support for birth control is broad and deep and almost everyone uses it. Here's why.

Hispanic Heritage Month

The power to decide if and when to have a child has a tremendous effect on the lives of Latino young women and men. 

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Remembering to take your birth control just got a lot more awesome. 

Pregnancy Planning in the Age of Zika

45% of U.S. pregnancies are unplanned—and 95% of those pregnancies are due to non-use or inconsistent use of contraception.
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Sep 24

Expanding access to birth control means more women will have the power to decide their future. #ThxBirthControl

Sep 24

New to school? Check out the diary of a college girl for advice:

Sep 24

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Sep 24

Super effective, low maintenance methods of birth control may hold the key to dramatically reducing teen and unplanned pregnancy in the U.S., but many adults still know little about these methods. Read more »

Sep 24

5 Things to Know if You Have an STI. (#1—you're not alone) Read more »

Sep 23

Here’s to the all the sex that’s happening around the world, and the birth control that makes it possible. Read more »