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On November 16th join us in saying Thanks, Birth Control. 

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Make a purchase. Make a Statement. Make a difference. Show your support November 16th. 


When it comes to teens’ decisions about sex, parents matter more than they realize.

Parents Matters

We asked centennials and millennials about who influences their decisions about sex. 
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Oct 27

Grab the remote! Lifetime is premiering two new series that will tackle the issue of unplanned pregnancy—while documenting the lives of new parents and their families. Read more »

Oct 27

Safe sex is important no matter how you identify! Read more »

Oct 26

Is there literally any reason to use an organic tampon? via Refinery29 Read more »

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Oct 27

Grab the remote! @lifetimetv will premiere 2 new series tackling the issue of unplanned pregnancy. via… https://t.co/o5nloQufg9

Oct 27

Birth control is pretty awesome. That's why we're saying #ThxBirthControl on November 16th. Join us!… https://t.co/18zfjS6NA3

Oct 27

Getting goose bumps + cold chills/shivers when something emotional happens is called frisson. Apt for Halloween or love, don't ya think?

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