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Everyone Loves Birth Control 

Support for birth control is broad and deep and almost everyone uses it. Here's why.

Hispanic Heritage Month

The power to decide if and when to have a child has a tremendous effect on the lives of Latino young women and men. 

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Remembering to take your birth control just got a lot more awesome. 

Pregnancy Planning in the Age of Zika

45% of U.S. pregnancies are unplanned—and 95% of those pregnancies are due to non-use or inconsistent use of contraception.
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Sep 30

¡Celebra el mes de la #Herencia #Hispana iniciando una conversación con un adolescente hoy! #TheNC20

Sep 30

Tiny and terrific. The birth control implant is the size of a matchstick & prevents pregnancy for years. Learn more:

Sep 30

130 degrees: That’s about how much vaginas are tilted (and that’s why tampons have to go in at an angle).

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Sep 30

New polling from Pew Research Center shows broad support for birth control use and access. Read more »

Sep 30

True or fasle: can you get pregnant if... Read more »

Sep 30

Kindred spirits. Deeper love. More sex than usual. Are we talking about your sign? Read on to find out! Read more »