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Parents and Trusted Adults

Be the adult a teen can trust. Every young person should have at least one! 

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Remembering to take your birth control just got a lot more awesome. 

Unplanned Pregnancy and the Zika Virus

Less than half of adults in the U.S. are aware that Zika virus can be sexually transmitted. 

The National Campaign 2015 Annual Report

A retrospective of our achievements in 2015—and our continued commitment to helping others understand the relationship between unplanned pregnancy and other important issues facing our nation. 
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Aug 27

Proud to be included in effort to provide women in Puerto Rico info&access to contraception in #Zika fight @CDCFound

Aug 26

Need a reminder for the pill, patch, ring or shot? The new app from @Bedsider is for you:

Aug 26

Our friends @Bustle made an interactive flow chart to help you change it up in bed. Get ready for a HOT weekend:

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Aug 26

Happy #WomensEqualityDay. We at the Campaign celebrate by thanking birth control for empowering women with greater economic and educational opportunities. Read more »

Aug 26

Back to class in style! These organized desks will make you green with envy via Seventeen Read more »

Aug 26

Get ready because this September is gonna be 🔥 Read more »