#ThxBirthControl Success

Last week, thousands of people tweeted, shared, and shouted out why birth control matters to them. We are so grateful to those who took the time to say #ThxBirthControl. We'd like to share some of our favorite news highlights of the day:


Buzzfeed—28 Reasons People Really Use Birth Control

Brit.Co—Find Out Why #ThxBirthControl Is Trending on Twitter 


Essence—It’s #Thxbirthcontrol Day and Here’s Why You Should Celebrate  

Engadget—Maven Offers Free Birth Control Prescriptions Via Digital Doctors 


KRWG TV—Saying Thanks For Birth Control 

Metro.UK—Why People Are Thanking Their Birth Control On Twitter 

Motto—Why People Are Giving Shout-Outs to Their Birth Control

MTV—The Teen Moms Reflect On Why They Shared Their Birth Control Journeys 

Mundo Ao Minuto—Jovens estão a usar o Twitter para agradecer à sua pílula. Eis porquê 

Newsbusters—#ThxBirthControl: 'The Sexiest Way to Save Taxpayers Billions

Newsweek—Inside #ThxBirthControl: Why Some Women Fear They May Lose Access to Contraceptives Under Trump

New York Magazine—Women Are Taking to Social Media to Share How Birth Control Has Helped Them

Oxygen—Women Were Tweeting #ThxBirthControl To Educate The World About Its Importance 


Authored by: The National Campaign

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