Seventeen: Birth Control Basics

When we worked with Seventeen Magazine on a birth control spread for their May 2016 issue we surveyed nearly 1,000 teen girls to see how many of them were on birth control and how they felt about it. Our friend Andrea Stanley turned the survey into a fantastic piece to help sort out young women’s confusion about birth control.

The good news is that 77% of teens who used birth control said using it makes them feel safe, and 90% feel comfortable talking to an adult about birth control. Only 10% say they’ve hidden the fact they’re on birth control from their parents, even though we know that the main reason teens don’t use birth control is that they’re afraid their parents will find out.

The not-so-great news is that 45% of girls who ARE sexually active are NOT on birth control and even among the girls who are already on birth control, a full two-thirds say they don’t know the laws about it.

While teen pregnancy rates have dropped dramatically in the past 20 years, this survey shows that progress is not victory. We still have more to do when it comes to educating teens about the topic of birth control. Read the full article for some great in-depth coverage of each method, how teens should talk to their parents, and more.

Read the full Seventeen article to see what teens have to say. 

Authored by: Paige Whipple

Paige is the Communications Coordinator at The National Campaign. She works with media partners in television and publishing to help them incorporate teen and unplanned pregnancy prevention messages into their work.

She came to The Campaign after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Towson University with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication and Journalism. Paige worked at Baltimore Style Magazine for two years, wrote a bi-weekly column for Towson’s newspaper, and was a contributor for an online magazine, The DC Ladies. She also runs social media accounts for several Baltimore-based businesses as a freelancer.

She shares her alma matter with Amy Schumer and Mike Rowe—not bad company to be in. 

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