Not A Lecture

Oh Bristol.  I’m so sorry to hear that you’re pregnant when you clearly don’t want to be. Parenthood is hard enough under the best of circumstances—I can’t imagine the despair you must feel doing it without a supportive partner or the warm embrace of your family. 

You said you didn’t want any lectures, and I don’t blame you. So consider this some helpful advice instead: Birth control. There are lots of methods and with a little effort you can find one that works for your body and life. Abstinence is a method you’ve spoken about often and passionately, and it is the only 100% effective method out there…but obviously it isn’t the best fit for you. There is no shame in that and luckily there are other options. Might I suggest as place to start? 

Back in the day, when you were the most famous teen mom in America (pre-MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, obviously), I thought you were brave for speaking out about your experience and encouraging other teens to choose a different path than you had taken. I was also sympathetic because it couldn’t have been easy to be in your mom’s glaring spotlight during such a difficult time. But a lot has changed since then. 

For one, you’ve grown up. You’re 24 years old now with a 6 year old son. You’ve danced with the stars, had plastic surgery, been engaged a few times, bought and sold real estate, written a book, and had your own reality show. Certainly you can work with a health care provider to find a birth control method that works for you. That’s what responsible adults do. I get that teens feel the need to hide things like sex and birth control from their parents, but you aren’t a kid anymore.

I wish you and your family the best during this trying time. And just like in 2008, I hope your story serves as cautionary tale to other young women. 

P.S.  Despite what you may read online, Bristol Palin has never been affiliated with The National Campaign in any way. Certainly we’ve talked about her over the years, but she has never been employed here nor has she ever served as a spokesperson for this organization.

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Perfect. Truthful and respectful. Bravo

Amy Kramer You're my hero!!