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July 06, 2011




Welcome back to a brand new season of Teen Mom! MTV brings back the original cast of Catelynn, Farrah, Maci, and Amber and documents their struggle with relationships, moving out, and the terrible-two's.

As the episode begins, we can see that this season is all about moving on and growing up--the girls are building stable lives for themselves after several years of flip-flop relationships, arguments with parents, and moving from place to place.

For the most part, all of the teen moms are moving to their own homes independent from their parents. Catelynn and Tyler begin to talk about getting their own place, and Maci and Amber have already been on their own for a while. The exception to this is Farrah, who appears to have moved back into her parent's home, although in previous seasons she had lived alone with baby Sophia. When they're 18 or 19, most teens aren't thinking about where they'll be living for the rest of their life, but as teen mothers, the girls have to provide stability and support for their children ahead of the usual experimentation and freedom most college-age kids have.

The big news in this episode is Farrah, who announces she plans to get breast implants to help jump-start her modeling career. Her parents seem okay with this, although her mother does insist Farrah write up a will in the event something goes wrong in surgery. It's good to see how much closer Farrah and her mother have become since hitting rock-bottom with the arrest and assault of last season.  Like a lot of the girls we've seen on 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom, having a baby changed the formerly close relationship between Farrah and mom Deb. As a teen, having a baby changes the lives of everyone involved. However, teens report that parents have the biggest influence over their decision to have sex, so having an open and honest relationship with your children can be the best defense against teenage pregnancy. 

The "ah ha!" moment in this episode can be awarded to one of Maci's friends. Frustrated by Ryan, problems with child support, her living situation and relationship with boyfriend Kyle, she sighs to a friend:"Why is my life so hard?" The response? "Cause you had unprotected sex!"

Three in ten girls will get pregnant before age 20. Having an honest teen-parent relationship is a great start to encouraging open communication about relationships, sex, and protection.  



Kate Meroski is an intern for The National Campaign's Entertainment Media and Audience Strategy department. Kate is a senior at George Washington University, studying journalism and sociology. She loves theater and cooking, and she eats mashed potatoes every single day.

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