Latino Media’s Ongoing Transformation and Diversification

UnivisionThis past week Univision, the largest Hispanic media company in the US, garnered lots of press attention for two reasons: 1) Rumors that both CBS and Time-Warner Cable have expressed interest in purchasing Univision for upwards of $20 billion and 2) the launch of, Univision’s first fully dedicated digital network providing English-language video programming for “15-30 year olds that are inspired and entertained by the Latin culture that is influencing today’s younger generation.”

With, Univision now possesses the means to develop in-house programming for teens and young adults on a platform specifically designed to be consumed in an increasingly mobile manner: in other words, in short bits and on demand. The fact that two mega-media corporations acknowledged talks to acquire the leading US network among Latinos is big news.  Clearly networks are paying close attention to the nation’s shifting demographic profile and adjusting accordingly to retain and expand their market dominance.

Univision operates 62 television and 68 radio stations in the US as well as other digital properties including And, as Univision continues to diversify and broaden its audience while seeking new ownership, we will continue to monitor and identify ways The National Campaign can collaborate with Univision to integrate teen and/or unplanned pregnancy prevention-related messages into their content.

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