Kardashian Alert

The Kardashians are keeping up with their birth control!

On last Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim and Khloe meet for dinner, and Khloe’s birth control alarm goes off—so it looks like we won’t be seeing a pregnancy scare storyline anytime soon!

Khloe has been vocal about using birth control in the past: she admitted in Redbook that she takes it at the same time every day (hence the phone alarm) and freaked out when she missed a day while traveling to Mexico in an earlier episode. We think this is awesome for a lot of reasons.

While almost everything that the Kardashians do is out of the ordinary, birth control isn’t one of them. An astounding 99% of women who have had sex have used birth control—and we can’t think of anything else that 99% of women have done. Khloe is in good company!

Obviously, birth control is a normal part of 99% of women’s lives, so why is it so difficult to talk about?! Khloe has a huge audience of people watching her and listening to her: people of all ages and ethnicities. Her openness about birth control can changeor even start—conversations about different methods of birth control.

We’ve seen Kylie talk about birth control on the show, and now with Khloe talking about the pill, it can reach even more people. Normalizing birth control is so important because it’s so necessary. Women in their 20’s (Khloe turned 31 in June) have 1.3 million unplanned pregnancies a year. So many 20-somethings watch KUWTK, so Khloe’s honesty just might encourage another woman to get on the pill and prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Khloe’s recent life changes (dropping 30+ pounds and releasing a fitness book) have made her an inspiration for women looking to change their lives. Personally, I think Khloe is a total rockstar and is positively influencing a lot of people, so talking about birth control only makes me love her more. Whether you like it or not, the Kardashian family has a huge influence on pop culture and the media—so don’t we want them to be influencing young women to use contraception? The answer is yes

If you’re interested in having birth control reminders sent right to your phone, check out Bedsider’s Method Reminder. (You can too, Khloe!)

Authored by: Paige Whipple

Paige is the Communications Coordinator at The National Campaign. She works with media partners in television and publishing to help them incorporate teen and unplanned pregnancy prevention messages into their work.

She came to The Campaign after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Towson University with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication and Journalism. Paige worked at Baltimore Style Magazine for two years, wrote a bi-weekly column for Towson’s newspaper, and was a contributor for an online magazine, The DC Ladies. She also runs social media accounts for several Baltimore-based businesses as a freelancer.

She shares her alma matter with Amy Schumer and Mike Rowe—not bad company to be in. 

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