Guy’s Guide: Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Stressed Sex

Sometimes it can be hard for guys to take control of contraception, especially when it feels like their partners know way more about it than they do. But there’s no reason that men can’t be just as involved in birth control use as women. That’s why in 2013, we premiered a Bedsider original called “Guy’s Guide”—a video series where Guy Notadaddi pulls out all the stops to make sure that men know what they’re doing when it comes to contraception and sex. Since then, Guy has had some good times battling major birth control myths and showed us things we never knew we could handle. His most recent stint, a spoof of the TV show 24, is the final release of the series.

In this episode, Guy receives an urgent call from a friend who is caught at the end of the night with his pants down (excuse our pun) and sans condoms. In a heroic effort, Guy takes drastic measures to deliver a condom just in time to prevent his friend from having unprotected sex. Along the way, he reminds us that condoms aren’t 100% effective at preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), but they can greatly lower your risk. Better yet, getting tested regularly can help you and your partner stay healthy.

Why go to all that trouble? Even though 47% of men have unprotected sex because they say it feels better without a condom, just a little stress about STIs is enough to ruin the mood. In other words: protection = less stress = better sex!

You don’t have to be a hero to communicate and use a condom. While Guy is taking a break from helping us learn about better, safer sex, we don’t want you to end your pursuit of a safe and healthy sex life. Next time you’re at the store, pick up a box of condoms and make sure you’re not part of the 31% of guys who have had unprotected sex because they weren’t prepared. Remember: friends may have bad sex. But friends don’t let friends have unprotected sex—Guy Notadaddi knows that.

Authored by: The National Campaign

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