Great Resources for Residential Life

Resident Advisors (R.A.s) provide information to students on all kinds of topics, like health and wellness, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), getting along with roommate(s), fitness, alcohol, and many others. One topic R.A.s may not have thought about addressing is preventing unplanned pregnancy.

I was a C.S.A (Community Services Advisor: aka R.A.) at Sonoma State University for three years, and in my third year my job was to mentor other student leaders on campus. Throughout my years of programming I realized there were not many sex-positive resources out there for R.A’s to utilize for their residents. Fortunately, The National Campaign and Bedsider both have several amazing resources for residents to use like a Clinic Finder, well-designed materials describing different methods of birth control, and they even offer an opportunity for particularly interested students to get involved with an awesome program called In The Wild. Check out the materials, the great videos, and a program put on by East Carolina University—you’ll be glad you did!

So how to put all this great stuff to good use?

Passive Programming: Distribute materials

Very soon you’ll be able to request Bedsider materials at are great posters, postcards, and brochures that can be used for any of your programming needs! If you have questions about getting materials or want to order in the meantime, you can email Chelsey Storin, Manager of College Initiatives, at

Active Programming: Condom Casino Night

East Carolina University put a twist on the popular program Casino Night by using condoms as chips and the games as a way to educate residents about preconception health, positive sexual health practices, nutrition, healthy relationships, and many other health related issues.

Other helpful resources

Help residents find a clinic closest to them offering the services that they need at the Bedsider Clinic Finder.

Watch hilarious videos about birth control, narrated by Guy Nottadadi (Ha-ha, get it?) that were featured on Upworthy!

Finally, you could use The National Campaign’s online lessons—they were developed to be used in the classroom, but they’d make a great group activity.

Devin McBrayer is a former public policy intern at The National Campaign, and an MPH Candidate at the School of Public Health and Health Sciences at The George Washington University. She is a native of California, a sister to three brothers, and she loves puppies—all puppies.

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