Get Knocked Up Tonight!

“Knocked Up” is a new three-episode docu-series premiering tonight on Lifetime at 10p/9c.  It comes from the folks who do “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” and follows the journeys of young women who got pregnant accidentally after a one-night hookup. It’s a show I’ve been wishing for since I first saw “16 and Pregnant” way back in 2009.

Don’t get me wrong, I love “16 and Pregnant.”  (As do viewers, parents, teachers, and opinion leaders). But 85% of unplanned pregnancies happen to women age 20 or older. And their stories are often obscured when teen pregnancy gets the spotlight.  But if you care about unplanned pregnancy in general and babies being born into welcomed and wanted circumstances specifically, you can’t just stop at teenagers. You have to pay attention to the single young women who get pregnant at rates roughly one and half times greater than that of teens. Which is exactly what Lifetime is doing.

The three women who share their lives in “Knocked Up” represent so many who find themselves unexpectedly expecting.  First up is 32-year-old Audra, whose episode airs tonight.  After years of living life on the wild side she got sober, found God, and then had a fling with an old friend and got pregnant.  That friend wants nothing to do with the baby so Audra is facing parenthood on her own. Her story is equal parts heartbreaking and triumphant.

The two other women profiled in subsequent episodes—Katie, age 29, and Akiitha, age 26—have equally compelling stories to share.  Katie had always been in same-sex relationships but got pregnant after a single night with a man, and then met the woman of her dreams soon after. Now the two women are building both a relationship and a family together. Akiitha is a social worker who a got pregnant after a fun night with a random guy and even though there’s no romantic relationship between them now and he lives in a different state, they want to raise the baby together. Real people, real life.

How real? Almost three-quarters (72%) of unplanned pregnancies in the U.S. are to women ages 20-34 and nearly half (44%) of all pregnancies to women 20-34 are unplanned. Like the women in “Knocked Up,” many of these young women don’t live at home with their own experienced parents to help out, aren’t financially stable or permanently employed, and/or lack supportive relationships.

So if you’re looking for drama, joy, disappointment, exhilaration, and everything in between, get “Knocked Up” tonight on Lifetime.

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