Nearly 3 in 10 teen girls become pregnant at least once by age 20 and fully half of all pregnancies in the United States are reported by women themselves as unplanned. Not too good.

By posting some intemperate thoughts about sex, love, relationships, pregnancy, childbearing, the media, public policy, our dogs, and other topics, we hope to spark a two-way discussion about how best to bring down the high rates of teen and unplanned pregnancy in this country. And who knows…from time to time, we might even offer up a few cogent thoughts that will be helpful.

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Bedsider, Unplanned Pregnancy
July 21, 2014

Sigma Gamma Rho

This weekend, I had the honor of speaking on behalf of The National Campaign at the 55th Biennial Boule of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. I was extremely excited that my first experience externally representing the Campaign in my new partnerships role would be among members of the same sorority I chose to join as an undergraduate. 

I spent the entire first day of the conference with the sorority's National Campaign committee, as they spoke to the Rhoers (Sigma Gamma Rho's youth auxiliary group) and conducted a live module training for members. Saturday afternoon, I spoke to the members about our partnership and congratulated them for their visionary leadership in initiating a relationship with The National Campaign.

Since 2010, the partnership between The National Campaign and Sigma Gamma Rho has grown exponentially. With more than 1,200 undergraduate and alumnae members in attendance, the Boule was the perfect stage to celebrate our partnership with the sorority. As of the Spring 2014 intake season, all new sorority members are required to participate in training modules about sexual health and family planning.

Sorority members who became aware of our partnership and the new module trainings were overwhelmingly supportive. Some had previously heard of Bedsider; others had never heard of the site, but were eager to visit after the training.

Overall, the experience was educational. I enjoyed spending time with my Sorors who spread the mission of the Campaign through their voluntary work, as they fulfill the sorority's goal of greater service, greater progress.

Authored by: Ronesha Dennis

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High School Virginity
July 18, 2014
Authored by: Bill Albert

Bill Albert is the Chief Program Officer of The National Campaign. As Chief Program Officer, Bill is responsible for overall program planning and development, and for tracking program progress. In addition, Bill provides oversight to the Campaign’s media outreach and communication strategies, as well as the writing, editing, design, and production of Campaign’s numerous publications and materials. In addition, he oversees the Campaign’s popular, award-winning websites, the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, the organization’s work with new media, and the Campaign’s marketing efforts.

Before his work with The National Campaign, Bill spent 12 years working in television news, most recently as the Managing Editor at Fox Television News in Washington, DC. His responsibilities included managing the editorial content of two daily news broadcasts, assigning, editing, and writing stories for air, conducting interviews, and overseeing the work of reporters and electronic news gathering crews.

Bill received his degree in Communications at American University and resides in Kensington, Maryland with his wife, Carol. His perfect 19-year-old son is a sophomore at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Is virginity the new black?  Well…no.  But when it comes to young people and sex and virginity, things are probably not what you think.  On the virginity front, we have three things for our gentle readers to consider:National Campaign media fellow and Pulitzer Prize winner Laura Sessions Stepp...
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Colleges Briefly
July 17, 2014
Authored by: Chelsey Connolly

Chelsey Connolly is the Manager of College Initiatives at The National Campaign. She is responsible for fostering relationships with college faculty and administrators and working with them to help students achieve their educational goals by preventing unplanned pregnancy. She also supports the development of materials, such as the online lessons, Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy and Completing College. In December 2012 she co-authored a report published by the American Association of Community Colleges, titled Make It Personal: How Pregnancy Planning and Prevention Help Students Complete College, about its project with the Campaign to incorporate the topic of preventing unplanned pregnancy into academic courses.

Since joining the Campaign in 2007, Chelsey has worked in several departments including State and Local Action, the Latino Initiative, and Public Policy. She also managed a federal grant to give teens information about how to have healthy relationships, through which she helped create the award-winning online games, My Paper Boyfriend and My Paper Girlfriend on

Chelsey earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing at Georgia Southern University. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband, Brian, and their rescue dog, Sophie.

There’s a new addition to our resources to help college students prevent unplanned pregnancy as a way to complete their education: Unplanned Pregnancy among College Students and Strategies to Address It.This fact sheet includes an overview of unplanned pregnancy among college students, including a...
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Girls Hanging Out
July 16, 2014
Growing up in a Colombian household and being the first member of my family to venture off to college, I witnessed first-hand how being a woman of color is much more complex than what is portrayed by the media. Often, I hear how socioeconomic status impedes Latinas from reaching their professional...
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