Roughly one in four teen girls become pregnant at least once by age 20 and fully half of all pregnancies in the United States are reported by women themselves as unplanned. Not too good.

By posting some intemperate thoughts about sex, love, relationships, pregnancy, childbearing, the media, public policy, our dogs, and other topics, we hope to spark a two-way discussion about how best to bring down the high rates of teen and unplanned pregnancy in this country. And who knows…from time to time, we might even offer up a few cogent thoughts that will be helpful.

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October 13, 2015

T-shirts with slogans have been a favorite of mine since I was young.  I find it hard to part with ones that hold memories of things important to me over the years. I have t-shirts from concerts, races, sports teams, community service events, elections, family reunions, and places I have vacationed.  My collection of old t-shirts is like a living diary that chronicles significant events and causes in my life.

I now I have five new cool and comfy t-shirts that I can’t wait to wear! 

On November 10, 2015 The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy will celebrate its third annual Thanks, Birth Control daya social media campaign asking everyone to publically support birth control and all that it makes possible. We know that birth control mattersthe ability to plan, prevent, and space pregnancies is directly linked to benefits to women, men, children, and society, including more educational and economic opportunities, healthier babies, more stable families, and reduced taxpayer burden.

This year, we have an array of Thanks, Birth Control t-shirts available to make it super easy for you to join the fun.  Find the one that’s right for you at Then take a picture wearing it and post it to your social media channels on November 10, 2015 using the hashtag #ThxBirthControl.

Learn even more about Thanks, Birth Control here. 

Authored by: Jennifer Gootman

Jennifer Appleton Gootman is Project Director of the Birth Control Initiative for The National Campaign, a series of activities designed to rebuild support for and understanding of the important positive role that birth control in the lives of women and men.

Prior to her work for the Campaign, she was Senior Program Officer for the Board on Children, Youth, and Families at The National Academies. In that position she directed a number of studies on topics including adolescent risk behaviour, adolescent health, teen driving, food and beverage marketing to children and youth, youth development programs, and the impact of work on children and youth in low-income families. In 2003 she took leave from the Academies to participate in the Ian Axford Fellowship in Public Policy, where she worked in New Zealand to examine and publish a report on New Zealand’s national youth development strategy and related child and youth policies. She has worked for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the New York City Public Advocate’s Office, and the Constitutional Rights Foundation. Her work has focused on child and family policy for low-income families, including welfare reform, child care, child health, youth development, and teen pregnancy prevention issues.

She received a B.A. in education and fine arts from the University of Southern California and an M.A. in public policy from the New School for Social Research.

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October 08, 2015
Authored by: Marisa Nightingale

As The National Campaign’s Senior Media Advisor, Marisa Nightingale leads key partnerships with entertainment media executives to help integrate prevention messages into their work. She and her colleagues provide information, story materials, and hands-on help to hundreds of content creators in television, print, and digital media whose work is most popular with teens, young adults, and their parents. She works across departments to help bring the Campaign's expertise to media decision-makers. 

Marisa joined the Campaign in 1996, shortly after its founding, and is the architect of its nationally-recognized Entertainment Media program. She served as the program’s Senior Director for 12 years and continues to advise on program strategy, forge new media partnerships, and expand relationships with existing partners including NBC, FOX, The CW, ABC, Hulu, Marie Claire, and more, with a special emphasis on reaching Latino audiences. Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaigns developed under her direction have won multiple awards and have garnered millions of dollars in free placements. She helped conceive, develop, and launch the "Thanks, Birth Control" program, a social media effort designed to create a positive public conversation about all that birth control makes possible.  

Prior to joining The National Campaign, Marisa was the Communications Director at Share Our Strength (SOS), one of the nation’s leading anti-hunger organizations. At SOS, she informed journalists about the causes and consequences of hunger, and trained chefs and restaurateurs to speak out publicly about hunger and poverty. She is a regular guest lecturer at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business and is a seasoned speaker on the role of media in preventing teen and unplanned pregnancy.  She has served as a Campaign spokesperson on The Today Show, The View, The Ricki Lake Show, NPR, USA Today, The Washington Post, and elsewhere. Marisa graduated with honors from Yale University and lives in Washington, DC with her husband and two children.

Most parents know that they need to talk with their teens about sex, love and relationships. But knowing that you need to do it—even wanting to do it—doesn't make it any less complicated. You might be thinking, What if I mess it up and then my teen never comes to me again? What if I say something...
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October 06, 2015
Authored by: Jessica Sheets Pika

Jessica Sheets Pika is the Director of Communications at The National Campaign. In that capacity, Jessica is the community manager and content strategist for The National Campaign’s award winning websites, (the Campaign’s corporate website) and (the Campaign’s teen website). She curates and writes content, manages consultants and content contributors, handles both sites’ social media presences, and develops new activities and content areas for both sites. In addition, Jessica handles press initiatives, spearheads the design and creation of new National Campaign materials, and provides general communications and editorial guidance to all program areas of the Campaign.

Jessica joined The National Campaign in 2006 and has nearly 15 years of experience in the non-profit health care world. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Political Science from Wake Forest University and lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, her adorable son, and their dog, Cora.

At the Campaign, we spend a lot of time encouraging parents to have open, honest conversations with their kids. In fact, a favorite phrase around here is "it's an 18 year conversation" by which we mean that it's never too early to begin communicating with your children in age-appropriate ways about...
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October 05, 2015
Authored by: Liz Sabatiuk

Liz Sabatiuk is Senior Manager of Digital Media at The National Campaign. She’s responsible for developing and managing content for The National Campaign’s award winning website,—a birth control support network for 18- to 29-year-olds. Liz works closely with consultants, content creators, and partners to produce engaging, medically accurate content that represents and extends the Bedsider brand. This includes everything from Bedsider feature articles to tumblr posts to the Guy’s Guide to Birth Control.


Liz began working at The National Campaign in 2008 for the Latino Initiative and co-authored the report Toward a Common Future: Latino Teens and Adults Speak Out About Teen Pregnancy. She earned a BA in English Literature from Goucher College and is currently working toward an MA in Communication, Culture & Technology at Georgetown University.

If you’re among the many friends and partners who have asked us in the years since Bedsider launched when we’re going to create a Spanish-language version, ask no more. It's here! The official launch of Bedsider en Español will be October 13th, but in the meantime, check out the site and feel free...
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