What We Do

The National Campaign’s five portfolios work collaboratively to achieve The National Campaign’s goals


The Digital Media Portfolio includes all of the web and social media platforms of the Campaign, including TheNC.org, StayTeen.org, and Bedsider.org. The staff uses many media forms—websites, social networking sites, mobile technologies, and games—to positively change teens and young adults’ sexual attitudes, knowledge, and behavior. The team works closely with the Campaign’s Communications and Marketing Portfolio team to get messages to our target audiences through media partners’ digital outlets.


The Marketing and Communications Portfolio, which includes the Campaign’s press, entertainment, and marketing efforts, works to keep the issue of teen and unplanned pregnancy in the public’s mind, to communicate National Campaign messages and ideas, and to produce and market National Campaign products. The program works in three areas: press relations, publications, and on the web. 


The National Campaign’s Policy Portfolio helps identify, develop, and promote a variety of policy options that will advance the organization’s goals of reducing teen and unplanned pregnancy among single, young adults, and reducing disparities across all racial and ethnic groups. The Campaign’s Strategic Partnerships Portfolio cultivates relationships with other sectors and organizations that will contribute to achieving Campaign goals. 


The Programs Portfolio works to expand the reach of The National Campaign by promoting successful strategies for addressing teen and unplanned pregnancy with a focus on scale, sustainability, and systems change. The Programs Portfolio works closely with the Policy and Strategic Partnerships Portfolio as well as the Digital Media Portfolio to ensure that our efforts are coordinated for greatest impact. The Programs Portfolio has a particular focus on post-secondary institutions, child welfare, and community-level work.


Efforts within the Research and Evaluation Portfolio are aimed at providing a solid and rigorous foundation of evidence to support and inform The National Campaign’s policies and activities.  These efforts are led by the Research and Evaluation Portfolio, though they involve staff across the Campaign. We receive valuable guidance from our Research Advisory Panel (RAP) members, who comment on the Portfolio’s research priorities and proposed projects, participate in peer review of research products, inform the Research Portfolio of recent developments in related fields, and participate in a variety of discussions pertaining to research-related topics. The RAP last met in February 2016.