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Thanks, Birth Control!

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Celebrate Thanks, Birth Control Day in style. Get a shirt. Take a selfie. Share the love on November 10th. 

Survey Says: August 2015

Can the media educate young people about the costs and consequences of risky behavior?  New survey results suggest the answer is yes! 

Programs Proven to Reduce Teen Pregnancy are in Jeopardy

Support success by weighing in with your members of Congress on the value of the TPPP and Title X programs. 

Celebrate With Us On November 10th. 

The third annual Thanks, Birth Control Day is approaching! Join us, won't you? 
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Oct 03

Don’t miss out when they sell out. Get your #ThxBirthControl t-shirt now. http://t.co/ibKvA3ZDDx http://t.co/g6U8goA1Ye

Oct 02

You had birth control questions, we have birth control answers! http://t.co/yJsFBKn67L

Oct 03

7 reasons wine is better than having a boyfriend http://t.co/dmY7TRew7r 🍷🍷🍷

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Oct 03

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Oct 03

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Oct 02

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