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Special Edition: Survey Says Plus

In this speical edition Survey Says, Americans strongly support federal funding for the teen pregnancy prevention program. 

Programs Proven to Reduce Teen Pregnancy are in Jeopardy

Support success by weighing in with your members of Congress on the value of the TPPP and Title X programs. 

Teen Birth Rate Hit New Record Low 

Teen births in the U.S. declined 9% in 2014. The teen birth rate has declined more than 7% annually since 2007 and an impressive 61% since peaking in 1991.

National Campaign Leader Announced

Ginny Ehrlich has been named the new CEO of The National Campaign.  She takes over for the retiring Sarah Brown.

Getting Bloggy With It

All of our intemperate thoughts on sex, teen/unplanned pregnancy, and a whole lot more.
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Jul 31

For 50 years #Medicaid has been #KeepingUSHealthy by providing contraception to women who need it.http://t.co/EyJwrJ4lMK

Jul 30

Not loving your #birthcontrol and want to trade up? Have we got a resource for you. http://t.co/ygu5lO30PT http://t.co/uZTpFeQqU7

Jul 31

Happy birthday to @jk_rowling - we'll use the Orchideous spell and make flowers appear out of our wand as a nice present.

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Jul 29

Most adults agree w/ policies to increase affordable access to birth control. Thanks #Medicaid for #KeepingUSHealthy Read more »

Jul 29

Not loving your #birthcontrol and looking to trade up? Let us help you get smart on all the best methods so you can pick the one that's right for... Read more »

Jul 31

August is sultry, seductive, sexy, and smoking hot for so many signs. Read more »