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At The National Campaign, we're sharing the love during Valentine's Day and throughout the month of February with new videos, games, and resources. 

Whoops Proof Birth Control

Groundbreaking new research on what young women think about IUDs and the Implant.

Best. Clinic. Ever.

Wash U's Contraceptive Choice Center is February's Best. Clinic. Ever. 

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Feb 09

RT @AOCSummit: "7 of 10 pregnancies are unplanned in 18-29 year olds," @lawrenceswiader of @TheNC #AOCS16

Feb 09

Worried about birth control side effects? Check out what Dr. Kate has to say!

Feb 09

Do not fear bird poop on your car or even on you. In Russia, they believe it's good luck and a sign you may become rich. Good to know!

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Feb 08

We love great providers, which is why Wash U's Contraceptive Choice Center is February's Best. Clinic. Ever. Washington University School of Medi... Read more »

Feb 08

Ask Us Anything about love, crushing, and dating! Read more »

Feb 09

Sleep more and sleep better. It’s your bed too, damn it. via Refinery29 Read more »