Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month
An Epic Swiping Adventure Awaits
Contraceptive Deserts
Your Birth Control Story

Happy May!

May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month and there are lots of ways to get involved.

Delivered to Your Door

Depending where you live, you may not even have to leave your house to get birth control. Check out Bedsider's new search tool to get started. 

Level Up!

Being a teen is full of pitfalls. This May, get your young people to test their smarts and put their swiping skills to the test.

Access Matters

Nearly 20 million American women eligible for publicly funded contraception live in contraceptive deserts. 

We're Listening

Are you one of the millions of women able to get affordable birth control thanks to the ACA? We want to know. 
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May 22

We are celebrating the huge declines in the teen birth rate AND planning for the next 20 years of progress! Read more »

May 22

It was a perfect night…but after the party is the after-party. Will you Level Up? stayteen.org/levelup #StayTeen Read more »

May 22

Massage is seductive. It feels good. And if you touch the right places, it can drive a partner wild with desire. Read more »

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May 22

Millions of women have benefited from no co-pay BC. Have you? Tell us! #ProtectOurCare #ThxBirthControlhttps://t.co/5oZluIS3kq

May 22

100% effective. ALWAYS an option. Prevents pregnancy and STIs. Waiting has your back ALL the time. #StayTeen https://t.co/7W6T6vKr15

May 22

Messing with a partner's birth control is abuse—and it may be depressingly common. https://t.co/DQMY1cvuZM

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