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Unplanned Pregnancy and the Zika Virus

Less than half of adults in the U.S. are aware that Zika virus can be sexually transmitted. 

The National Campaign 2015 Annual Report

A retrospective of our achievements in 2015—and our continued commitment to helping others understand the relationship between unplanned pregnancy and other important issues facing our nation. 

Pregnancy Planning in the Age of Zika

45% of U.S. pregnancies are unplanned—and 95% of those pregnancies are due to non-use or inconsistent use of contraception.

Survey Says: The Condom Conundrum

We teamed up with Cosmopolitan magazine to ask men how they really feel about condoms. Their answers may (not) suprise you! 
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Jun 24

Love this new piece featuring CEO @glepdx.

Jun 24

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Jun 24

"Fat sex, skinny sex, if you ❤️ the way you look and you ❤️ your body, then it doesn't matter, the sex is gonna be good." – Sherri Sheppard

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Jun 24

"Reducing unplanned pregnancy helps improve other important issues facing our nation." says National Campaign CEO Ginny Ehrlich. Read more »

Jun 24

Not sure if that crazy thing you heard is true? Tell us your myths and we'll tell you fact or fiction! #AskUsAnything Read more »

Jun 24

When was the last time you threw a badass party? Read more »