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Teen Childbearing in Rural America

Despite progress in reducing teen pregnancy and births, many have wondered: how do teen births compare in rural versus urban areas?

May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month!

Throughout the month of May you can get involved in preventing teen pregnancy. Need resources or ideas for how? We've got you covered!

Does Progress = Victory?

Is the progress in reducing too-early pregnancy and parenthood sufficiently deep and widespread that we should declare victory and go home? Our short answer is, “no.” Learn why.

Go Home or Go On?

Teen pregnancy and birth rates are at record lows. Does that mean it's time to close up shop? We—and most of America—say NO.

How Do You Score?

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May 27

Just a few days left in May; just a few days to take our online challenge. #StayTeen #TPPM

May 27

RT @kikyo9927: @StayTeen Took the National Day Quiz! I'm a sexpert lol #stayteen

May 27

"Fat sex, skinny sex, if you ♥ the way you look and you ♥ your body, then it doesn’t matter, the sex is gonna be good." ― Sherri Sheppard

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May 21

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May 08

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May 27

HPV is so common that it feels like it doesn’t even count. But, it does. Read more »