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Every October Let’s Talk Month. If you haven't already, now is your chance to have an open, honest conversation with the teens in your life about sex, contraception, and pregnancy.  

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Estos recursos en español sobre cómo prevenir el embarazo en los adolescentes y jóvenes fueron creados para padres Latinos, promotores, y lo líderes de fe.

Timing is Everything

In her new book, Campaign Board President Isabel Sawhill contrasts those who delay parenthood until after marriage with those who "drift" into parenthod. Preorder "Generation Unbound" today in advance of its release on September 25.

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Oct 31

When zombies attack...make sure you are good to go on #BirthControl #Halloween #Zombies http://t.co/8J0fNxN1i9 http://t.co/jhNdd708Q0

Oct 30

Have you taken our survey yet? Why not?! You could win a $25 g/c just for telling us what you think! http://t.co/ym7tK3VxKL

Oct 31

Candy is dandy, but zombies are…OMFG, zombies! Thankfully, Guy Nottadadi is back to save Halloween and your sex life: http://t.co/8TdTYZ1pxR

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Oct 31

Don't be scared! Our Guys Guide can help with contraception AND zombies. Read more »

Oct 20

It may sting a little but this method provides THREE full months of protection. Get to know #TheShot http://ow.ly/w81Dj #MethodMonday Read more »

Oct 31

Something wicked this way comes… Read more »