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On November 16th join us in saying Thanks, Birth Control. 

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When it comes to teens’ decisions about sex, parents matter more than they realize.

Parents Matters

We asked centennials and millennials about who influences their decisions about sex. 
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Oct 26

We worked with Smart Design to learn what women really want out of their birth control. The result? 5 key insights for promoting better birth control. Read more »

Oct 19

<3 <3 <3 Read more »

Oct 26

Is there literally any reason to use an organic tampon? via Refinery29 Read more »

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Oct 27

Bipartisan commission explores how to make federal data more widely available to program evaluators. https://t.co/iwu6rtU4Iz

Oct 26

RT @seventeen: Express yourself with this simple washi tape monogram DIY art – perfect for any dorm room https://t.co/gYcQVfkP6y

Oct 26

30 sex myths we need to stop believing: https://t.co/9StMb6dLBb via @Refinery29

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