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Zika Virus

Health Innovation

There is a gender disparity when it comes to healthcare. Technology innovation can help bridge that gap. Help us move forward together! 

Unplanned Pregnancy and the Zika Virus

Less than half of adults in the U.S. are aware that Zika virus can be sexually transmitted. 

The National Campaign 2015 Annual Report

A retrospective of our achievements in 2015—and our continued commitment to helping others understand the relationship between unplanned pregnancy and other important issues facing our nation. 

Pregnancy Planning in the Age of Zika

45% of U.S. pregnancies are unplanned—and 95% of those pregnancies are due to non-use or inconsistent use of contraception.
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Jul 26

"Slide on over, sugar," sings the cowboy. Female country artists say the real-life consequences ain't so sweet:

Jul 26

No means No—Every. Time. Thanks @theawordUS! (new ep. Wed at 10|9c on @SundanceTV)

Jul 26

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Jul 26

It's not quite back-to-school time, but the sex-ed debate wages on! Read more »

Jul 26

Sex for the first time can be a big deal, these girls share their experiences on Seventeen. P.S. If you're feeling ready, make sure to #FindYourMethod first! Read more »

Jul 26

All pregnancies require 4 things to get going: a uterus, an egg, sperm, and for the egg and sperm to come together. Read more »