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Nearly 20 million American women eligible for publicly funded contraception live in contraceptive deserts. 

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Are you one of the millions of women able to get affordable birth control thanks to the ACA? We want to know. 
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Sep 22

Having "the talk" with your teens? The University of North Carolina at Greensboro - UNCG associate professor suggests that practice is the key to getting through to your teen: “The more times parents talk, the better they get at it.” Create a welcoming atmosphere, be calm and nonjudgmental, and listen carefully, she advises via TIME Have you had "the talk" with your teen? What strategy worked best for you? For more information on evidence-based best practices visit our website: Read more »

Sep 22

All the things we're not ready for just yet...there's birth control for that! Find your perfect method match today: #ThxBirthControl Read more »

Sep 22

If your sex game is flawless, but your soundtrack needs work, check out our sexy playlist. Read more »

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Sep 24

Our latest Beyond the Beltway Bulletin has more info on how some colleges are addressing unplanned pregnancy:

Sep 22

We've all been there + pints of ice cream later, some advice for getting through a breakup... via @Refinery29

Sep 23

Happy Saturday! Here are the dopest movie theaters in every US state: