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Survey Says: November 2015
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Help The National Campaign give teens across the country a chance for a better future by supporting our evidence-based work to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy.

New Polling Data

The majority of adults in the United States—Republicans and Democrats alike—support policies that make it easier for teens and those age 18 and older to get the full range of birth control methods. 

Programs Proven to Reduce Teen Pregnancy are in Jeopardy

Support success by weighing in with your members of Congress on the value of the TPPP and Title X programs. 

Whoops Proof Birth Control

Groundbreaking new research on what young women think about IUDs and the Implant.
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Nov 24

Right on American public for supporting evidence-based policymaking. #SurveySays

Nov 24

Heard a lot about IUDs? We're here to help you get the facts straight.

Nov 24

Freaky Thanksgiving trivia: The largest turkey ever raised weighed 86 lbs. Um, that's about the size of a large German Shepherd.

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Nov 24

Help girls graduate high school. Support our work to reduce teen and unplanned pregnancy. #GivingTuesday Read more »

Nov 23

Birth control side effects can be confusing, but we've got the experts to help you get the facts straight! Read more »

Nov 24

Unfortunately, packaging errors do happen—even to birth control. Read more »