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On November 16th join us in saying Thanks, Birth Control. 

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Make a purchase. Make a Statement. Make a difference. Show your support November 16th. 


When it comes to teens’ decisions about sex, parents matter more than they realize.

Parents Matters

We asked centennials and millennials about who influences their decisions about sex. 
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Oct 21

Every November we set aside a day to acknowledge everything that birth control makes possible—for women, men, families, society, and even the environment. And since talking about contraception makes people more likely to use it, here's what you can do to get the conversation started on November 16th. #ThxBirthControl Read more »

Oct 19

<3 <3 <3 Read more »

Oct 21

Oshun is the Yoruba goddess of flirtatiousness (among other things). If you go out tonight, raise a glass to her and see what happens ;) Read more »

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Oct 22

Check it out—the adolescent health fellowship is a great opportunity! https://t.co/2kTfbbGmYP

Oct 22

RT @utteenhealthSA: Be the best version of yourself! Apply by this Monday, Oct 24, for the Youth Leadership Council… https://t.co/IxzvyOndvc

Oct 22

The average Swiss person eats about 20 lbs of chocolate per year. Americans eat just over 9. (If we all *work* hard, we can close that gap.)

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