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October Survey Says

Can TV shows help parents discuss the topics of love, sex, and relationships with their teens?  New survey results say yes! 

Celebrate With Us On November 10th. 

The third annual Thanks, Birth Control Day is approaching! Join us, won't you? 

Whoops Proof Birth Control

Groundbreaking new research on what young women think about IUDs and the Implant.

October is Let's Talk Month

Have a conversation with your teen about sex, love, and relationships. Not sure how to start? We can help! 

Programs Proven to Reduce Teen Pregnancy are in Jeopardy

Support success by weighing in with your members of Congress on the value of the TPPP and Title X programs. 
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Oct 09

Parent Power.You matter more than you think. #LetsTalkMonth

Oct 09

No health center at school and in need of a doc? Check out our clinic finder:

Oct 09

"A kiss shouldn't come from the mouth. A kiss should come from the heart." — Justin Timberlake 💋💋💋

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Oct 09

Have you heard the 9 Insights that make Whoops Proof Birth Control? Check them out now. Read more »

Oct 08

There are a ton of sex myths out there...but we can help separate fact from fiction! Read more »

Oct 09

Innocent question or rude and prying? No matter how you feel, we can help you respond. Read more »