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Americans underestimate the percentage of pregnancies in the U.S. that are unplanned and they view unplanned pregnancy as important compared to other pressing issues. 

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Estos recursos en español sobre cómo prevenir el embarazo en los adolescentes y jóvenes fueron creados para padres Latinos, promotores, y lo líderes de fe.

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In her new book, Campaign Board President Isabel Sawhill contrasts those who delay parenthood until after marriage with those who "drift" into parenthod. Preorder "Generation Unbound" today in advance of its release on September 25.

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All of our intemperate thoughts on sex, teen/unplanned pregnancy, and a whole lot more.

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Sep 23

Today, courtesy of @Jezebel, a new twist: Women in photos that don't trust birth control

Sep 23

Having sex? Then it's time to start thinking about how to protect yourself...there are more methods than you think.

Sep 23

"92% of women masturbate regularly. (The other 8% are lying.)" Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Truth. @jimmyjane

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Sep 23

Relationship stability > marriage. Read more »

Sep 22

Sure--it may look a little odd. But the female #condom puts YOU in control. Learn more here: #MethodMonday  Read more »

Sep 23

"My bed is half full." – Lonely Optimist Read more »