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At The National Campaign, we're sharing the love during Valentine's Day and throughout the month of February with new videos, games, and resources. 

Whoops Proof Birth Control

Groundbreaking new research on what young women think about IUDs and the Implant.

Best. Clinic. Ever.

Wash U's Contraceptive Choice Center is February's Best. Clinic. Ever. 

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Feb 08

RT @AOCSummit: "34% of 18-29 year olds that don't want to get pregnant will not use contraception in the near future" @lawrenceswiader of @…

Feb 07

Great list of #LazySunday magical reads from @HuffPostTeen for those of us who are tired of rereading #HarryPotter

Feb 08

"If God didn't want us to masturbate, he would have made our arms shorter." – Rabbi Ron Levine in a new documentary, Sticky! @stickythemovie

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Feb 08

We love great providers, which is why Wash U's Contraceptive Choice Center is February's Best. Clinic. Ever. Washington University School of Medi... Read more »

Feb 08

Ask Us Anything about love, crushing, and dating! Read more »

Feb 08

Different hormones, different side effects (and benefits). Read more »