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Believe it or not, support for birth control—among Republicans and Democrats alike—is widespread. 

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Nov 26

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Nov 25

No health center at school and in need of a doc? Check out our clinic finder for options near you:

Nov 26

A tiny hamster eats Thanksgiving dinner with few of his furry friends. Honestly. So damn cute. @HelloDenizen

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Nov 14

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our #ThxBirthControl effort this week! Check out a behind-the-scenes peek at our amazing team ge... Read more »

Nov 21

What do they do? What are the effects? What are my options? Curious about the #IUD? Planned Parenthood has answers (in picture form!). Read more »

Nov 26

Ever drop the we-want-to-sleep-together bomb on your parents? Read more »