Contraceptive Deserts
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Depending where you live, you may not even have to leave your house to get birth control. Check out Bedsider's new search tool to get started. 

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Nearly 20 million American women eligible for publicly funded contraception live in contraceptive deserts. 

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Are you one of the millions of women able to get affordable birth control thanks to the ACA? We want to know. 

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Being a teen is full of pitfalls. This May, get your young people to test their smarts and put their swiping skills to the test.
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Jul 26

"Dismantling this evidence-based program is short-sighted and will harm hundreds of thousands of our most vulnerable youth by denying them high quality information and education that will help them to make healthy decisions about their futures." – Ginny Ehrlich, CEO of The National Campaign Read more »

Jul 25

Callie and Aaron. Brandon and Grace. Jesus and Emma. Find out what happens on The Fosters tonight at 8/7c on Freeform. Read more »

Jul 25

The Senate votes TODAY (around 2pm ET) to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Ask your Senators to vote NO and protect access to health care and birth control. ☎️ Call NOW: 202.224.3121 Read more »

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Jul 25

Good, honest communication can take ur relationship to the next level. What else makes it work for you? #TheFosters

Jul 26

This brand makes underwear for people who get periods, regardless of their gender 🙌🏾 via @konbini