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Sep 20

A new study finds that teens are "growing up" much slower these days thanks to the delay in the engagement of adult activities. "Teens have also reported a steady decline in sexual activity in recent decades...“there is a feeling you’re getting of, ‘Wow, the world is pretty serious, so why would I rush to immerse myself…Why don’t I stay with my friends and away from anything that has heavy consequences, like pregnancy or sexually-transmitted diseases?’." via Washington Post Read more »

Sep 18

Do. WERK. Three more months to make it happen. Let's make 2017 the best (baby-free) year yet. #Teen #mondaymotivation #2017 #goals Read more »

Sep 19

The Graham-Cassidy bill means millions will lose health coverage and birth control. We *need* you more than ever. ☎️ Tell your members of Congress to protect the ACA and its no co-pay birth control: 202.224.3121 Read more »

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Sep 20

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Sep 20

Sending love + positive vibes your way. 🙏💛 #Mexico #PuertoRico

Sep 20

Boo doesn’t want to wear condoms? These real-life stories will help you find your voice.