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Survey Says: August 2015

Can the media educate young people about the costs and consequences of risky behavior?  New survey results suggest the answer is yes! 

Programs Proven to Reduce Teen Pregnancy are in Jeopardy

Support success by weighing in with your members of Congress on the value of the TPPP and Title X programs. 

Special Edition: Survey Says Plus

In this speical edition Survey Says, Americans strongly support federal funding for the teen pregnancy prevention program. 

Welcome Ginny! 

Ginny Ehrlich is the new CEO of The National Campaign.  She takes over for the retiring Sarah Brown.

Teen Childbearing in Rural America

Despite progress in reducing teen pregnancy and births, many have wondered: how do teen births compare in rural versus urban areas?
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Aug 31

Mission accomplished? Hardly.

Aug 31

Set it and forget it—the implant keeps you protected for 3 years!

Aug 31

Hey, Virgo: If you can accept a lover who isn’t perfect, the sex will be incredible. Read more

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Aug 31

Can the media—traditional and digital—be used as a tool to educate young people about the costs and consequences of risky behavior? New surv... Read more »

Aug 31

Summer is winding to a close and that hottie you met in June might be heading back to his hometown. Or maybe your girlfriend is moving across the... Read more »

Aug 31

Virgos are great with details. Are they like that in bed? Maybe our September horoscopes know: Read more »